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Awaken Lost Dreams

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Philadelphia Electric
Sunset Mix

A journey through Philadelphia and an international culture exploration through electronic music. “Every selection on this mix is either original or tied to a close friendship or an epic moment in time”, says Arsenal.


Driven by Rhythm

From the heartbeat of drums to the pulse of electronic beats, my musical journey is an odyssey of rhythm.


I’m captivated by the marriage of organic and electronic elements, where the raw energy of percussion meets the boundless possibilities of modern sound.


Uniting Through Sound

My mission? To unite souls through music they didn’t know they loved. As an international DJ and producer, I’ve traveled the globe, curating sonic experiences that transcend borders.


Whether performing in Europe, the Middle East, South America, or my home base in Philadelphia, my selections speak a universal language that brings people together. That is the Departed vision.

Music is a force for unity, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for electrifying chemistry on the dance floor. Find an experience here that unites souls, ignites creativity, and keeps the culture alive.


Worldtown DJ’s

Philadelphia’s electrifying live house music band Worldtown Soundsystem brings global culture, Philadelphia soul, and electronic undertones together on one stage. Worldtown’s mission is to unite and celebrate world culture through music and art.


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